Our Premier Six-Month Candidate Training Program

Our Premier Six-Month Candidate Training Program
Andrea Dew Steele - Founder of Emerge America), Majority Leader Erin Herbig (Emerge Maine Alumna), DA Maeghan Maloney (Emerge Maine Board Member & Alumna), Speaker Sara Gideon (Emerge Maine Alumna), Sarah Woodard (Executive Director & Emerge Maine Alumna)



Emerge Maine is dedicated to getting more Demodratic women into elected office by offering comprehensive, top-notch training to women of all ages from communities across the state. 
The barriers to entry into the political sphere can seem pretty daunting. Emerge Maine lowers barriers to running for office and levels the playing field by de-mystifying the process of getting engaged, and connecting women to the knowedge, resources and support needed to win. 
If you are looking for more information about the Class of 2019, please contact Sarah Woodard at sarah@emergemaine.org. 

Here's some helpful information to consider about our program:

  • Each year, Emerge Maine recruits and selects a class of twenty five self-identified, Democratic women from across the state of Maine who want to run for office at any level. 
  • Classes begin in September and run through March. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. 
  • Emerge embraces diversity and encourages applications from all self-identified women regardless of age, race, color, national or ethnic origin, marital status, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or physical abilities.
  • Women who have a plan to run for any elected office are our top priority. Some political experience, even volunteering on a campaign, is a plus! 
  • Our application fee is $35 and our tuition is $750. Scholarships are available, thanks to our generous donors, because we would never want finances to be a barrier. Our cost to train each woman who completes our program is $3500. We invest in you! 

Training sessions begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:30 p.m. Typically, there will be a social networking event on the Saturday evening after class.

Here is an idea of our program schedule:

 Weekend One: September, 2 Days, Dates TBD, Portland

 Weekend Two: October, 1 Day, Date TBD, Orono

 Weekend Three: November, 2 Days, Dates TBD, Lewiston

 Weekend Four: December, 1 Day, Dates TBD, Augusta

 Weekend Five: January, 2 Days, Dates TBD, Mid-Coast Region

 Day at the State House: February, Date TBD at the State House

 Make up date in case of a snow day cancellation: February, Date TBD, at the State House

 Weekend Six: February, Last Day of Training TBD, in Portland

 Make up date in case of a snow day cancellation: March, Date TBD, Portland

 Graduation Celebration: March, Date TBD, Portland


To apply, you must:

 1) Complete the online application: (TBD for Class of 2019), including two letters of recommendation. 

 2) Pay the $35 application fee: (TBD for Class of 2019)


After our Program Committee reviews applications, we will select a group of women to interview. Dates TBD for Class of 2019. 


Interviews will be in person this summer. Dates TBD for Class of 2019. 


If selected for the program, plan to attend all sessions and save the make up dates on your calendar.


Emerge Maine invests $3500 in each woman we train throughout our sixth month candidate training program. Tuition is $750. If selected for the program, we never want cost to be a barrier to participation.


To that end:

-We provide the opportunity to spread payments out throughout the length of the program by setting up a payment plan. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. 

-Participants are encouraged to consider fundraising to help cover the cost of their tuition. Asking friends, family members, colleagues or like minded political folks is a great way to raise smaller amounts of money that add up! We can advise you how to do this and its a great first step in your training!

-After consideration of the first two options, we invite participants to apply for a scholarship. We do not offer full scholarships. 


We look forward to seeing your name in our applicant pool and on the ballot! If you have any questions after carefully reading our guidelines and the application, please contact us at: contact@emergemaine.org



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